Dee Dee DiFazio




Cocktails are often associated with upscale environments and can sometimes come off as stuffy or pretentious. They also tend to come with a long list hard-to-find ingredients, specialized tools, and a complicated set of instructions. Our goal was to create an at-home cocktail-making experience that was unpretentious, unintimidating, and accessible. 

Swizzle is an app that helps you craft impressive cocktails using ingredients and tools you already have. The Cabinet feature allows you to scan and log the drinks and add-ins that you have on hand and narrows your search results to recipes with those ingredients. The step-by-step video instructions hinge on the idea of alternatives: if you don’t have a cocktail shaker or a Hawthorne strainer, Swizzle shows you how to mix the same drink with a jar and a sieve.  



Garrett Albury // UX, Ideation, Visual Design

Dee Dee DiFazio // Visual Design, Photography

Olimpia Gonzalez // Visual Design, Motion Graphics

Neha Guria // Art Direction


IDA 2017 // Bronze, Multimedia/Interface Design

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018 // Semifinalist, Web/App/Game Design

SCAD Secession 2018 // Finalist